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SEO Articles > Importance Of Website Optimization

Importance Of Website Optimization

Whether you are starting with a new site or you already have an existing one, you need to spend time or marketing, link building, keyword optimization, content building and traffic building. Here are SEO tactics you can use to optimize your website.

There are many recommendations that can be made regarding your site content to improve it in the eye of the Search Engines. SE Optimization (SEO) The pages on your site are checked for the percentage of keywords you want to target, and the quality of the content on the page.

The formula for online success: link building + search engine optimization + new website content= success.

When you website moves up in rankings your traffic search engine results increase greatly. Sites listed below the first couple pages of results do not get near as much traffic as those sites listed at or near the top. Some market statistic report that search engines bring more than 75 percent of the traffic to small to medium websites.

The first thing you must do is create a well designed site and establish a marketing strategy an use techniques designed create traffic to the website for long term results. It would be best if the website is attractive and complementary to the company profile and it gives the audience the information that is targeted to the products, services the company provides. The website should be a successful marketing arm of your business that promotes a marketing campaign to promote your products and services. You will need to become the leader in your marketplace and industry by exceeding the market in that your industry, by doing this you will attract a qualified visitors to your products via the internet You will need to generate the growth of traffic to your website, you will then need to convert the traffic into sales.

If nobody sees the links then they are not all that likely to hunt them down to click on them. Can you follow links from page to page, does your site make sense. Using the robot.txt file you are able to tell search engine spiders what you would like indexed on your site.

There is no secret trick to achieve a high site ranking or success on the search engines, it take hard work. Some will tell you that the secret to high rankings is creating reciprocal links only, submitting feeds to RSS systems or creating and submitting to blogs, not one will do it but combine all the methods and you will see results.

The secret of success is a simple; Here are the top 10

    1. Optimize your website by choosing proper keywords and descriptions

    2. Submit articles with one way links pointing back to your site

    3. Reciprocal link exchange with other sites

    4. Submit to directories

    5. Create an affiliate program

    6. Submit to RSS feeds to get one way links

    7. Post to Blogs with your one way links

    8. Submit Videos to promote your business with one way links

    9. Submit to forums with one way links point to your site

    10. This is the probably the most import tip, patience, time and consistently doing the hard work to make it happen.

About the Author
David Marc Fishman created http://www.linknetics.com and submit article site.

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